Crédit photo : CDIPerrier

   October2nd, 1894

My dear family,

     I arrived  at Ellis Island on the first of September 1894. During a long travel in the boat, the conditions were very crowded and uncomfortable. It was very hard for me, I slept in straw and the space was very small because we were a lot of people. But even if it was difficult, it was the only way to have a better life.

      I will never forget the first thing I saw when I arrived here, it was the Statue of Liberty, it was amazing! I believe in the American dream because I want to have a better life…a better future in the United States.

     Then, I was examined with other immigrants by two doctors. After the medical examination, we were asked questions by a clerk.

I felt lonely among all these people.

     During the first month in America, I worked in a factory on an assembly-line. Every night, I was very tired but it was the only way to earn money.

     Sometimes, before going to sleep, I am very homesick and I wonder how my life would be if I was still there. I miss you a lot that’s why I will send you many letters every month and once a month I will send you money.